Private Commission Rates

Displayed base prices are for Non-Commercial clients, and subject to fluctuation based on the complexity of the subject matter, or if any special dimension or medium changes are requested. A complex character might, for example, have intricate full body markings or very specific tattoo designs; be heavily armored or robotic; or have dozens of wings, arms and legs. These sort of details add more time to every stage of production.


 •  Please read my Terms & Conditions before sending payment  •  

Traditional Media Pencil Drawings


Pencil Drawings are done on 9" x 12", Smooth Windpower™ Bristol paper and sealed with a matte spray fixative. 
"This Bristol weight board is manufactured with emissions-free, wind generated electricity through the purchase of 100% certified renewable energy credits." -

Pencil Drawings are delivered as a 9"x12", 300dpi JPG file.

Full Character Pin-up - $45 +


Cleaned-up pencil sketch with light shading.
Entire character, no background.


$30 per additional character

+ Add Monochromatic Color Tone - $10 


Add to base price of Bust or Full body Pencil Drawing.

The whole image will be scanned, cleaned up, toned

in a single color, with natural paper textures and highlights. 
(Prints of tinted versions unavailable.)

+ Add $10 if you'd like the original artwork mailed to you.

All original Pencil Drawings are placed in acid free bags and shipped in flat, waterproof photo mailers. 
All originals are shipped with insurance.
If there are size restrictions for your mailbox please let me know in advance!

Original works not sent to the commissioner will be placed up for adoption in the Shop

Full Color Digital Paintings


All digital paintings are actually a combination of media. They start out as a traditional pencil drawing on paper before being transferred onto a computer and cleaned up for digital coloring. I feel that doing it this way helps them retain a traditional foundation.


Digital paintings are delivered as a 9"x12", 300 dpi JPG file.

Character Bust - $50 +


Head and shoulders/torso on a toned and textured background with no discernible environmental elements.

Full Character Pin-up - $150 +


Full body character on a toned and textured background with no discernible environmental elements.

+ $60 per additional character

Full Character, w/ Props - $250 +


Single full body character interacting with some environmental elements and or/small critters. Can be on a simple white or toned and textured background. 

+ $60 per additional character

Character on Full Background - $450 +


Single full body character in a fully rendered environment.


+ $60 per additional character

(Small critters count as background elements, not characters.)

The original Pencil Drawing that was used to create the painting may be purchased, by the commissioner 
for 1/2 the price of a comparable Pencil Drawing as listed above. 


Original works not sent to the commissioner will be placed up for adoption in the Shop

(Prints of Digital Paintings are available but NOT included in the price. Let me know as early as possible whether you'd like a physical copy for display. Should I do a print run of a commissioned digital piece at any point in the future, the original commissioner will be contacted and mailed a copy.)

User Icons


For use on Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Discord... you get the idea.


Icons are delivered as a 300x300 pixel, 72 dpi JPG file.

Single Character Icon - $30


Head and shoulders on a toned and textured background with no discernable environmental elements.


all images ©Tiina Purin

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