Golden Rule, Don't be Rude 

I don't expect any of my regular watchers to bring drama into my stream. But if you troll, you'll be banned.

Adult language is okay, but harassment is not

While I prefer to keep the art PG, I wont be policing swear words. The occasional f-bomb will most likely be dropped over the mic or in chat and I have no problem with that. However racist/sexist/homophobic slurs and other forms of verbal harassment toward fellow guests, mods, or myself will not be tolerated. If a conversation gets heated and I ask you to drop it, please do. Lets all just enjoy some art and be excellent to each other. ;)


Critique is welcome

After staring at a picture for hours on end, feedback from a fresh pair of eyes is WONDERFUL and I'll occasionally solicit opinions from whomever is in the chat.

Questions are welcome

Especially on days that I have my mic on. :) But please check the chat in case I already answered your question.


No solicitations

Please don't advertise your channel, someone else's channel, or any products in the chat.

Stream tech corrections/suggestions are VERY APPRECIATED
I have no idea what I'm doing! If you're a veteran Twitch streamer and want to offer pointers PLEASE don't hesitate to speak up. :)

Any changes to this info will be announced on Twitter.

Sound good? Sweet. :D Back to Twitch!


More details?

• Twitch Chat Etiquette •
• MY TOOLS when working digitally •

  • Custom built PC (parts listed on Twitch profile)

  • LG widescreen monitor

  • Wacom Intuos 4 Tablet

  • Photoshop CC

• MATERIALS most likely being used working traditionally •

  • Logitech HD webcam

  • Smooth Windpower™ Bristol paper, Bristol Cold press Multimedia paper (Vellum) or toned recycled sketchbook paper

  • Mechanical pencil

  • Prismacolor pencils

  • Koi (Sakura brand) tube watercolors or Folkart acrylics



When I do a traditional media stream on the webcam I'll always have my mic on.

So if you have any questions about my materials at that time, please feel free to ask!

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all images ©Tiina Purin