Golden Rule, Don't be Rude 

I don't expect any of my regular watchers to bring drama into my stream. But if you troll, you'll be banned.

Adult language is okay, but harassment is not

While I prefer to keep the art PG, I wont be policing swear words. The occasional f-bomb will most likely be dropped over the mic or in chat and I have no problem with that. However racist/sexist/homophobic slurs and other forms of verbal harassment toward fellow guests, mods, or myself will not be tolerated. If a conversation gets heated and I ask you to drop it, please do. Lets all just enjoy some art and be excellent to each other. ;)


Critique is welcome

After staring at a picture for hours on end, feedback from a fresh pair of eyes is WONDERFUL and I'll occasionally solicit opinions from whomever is in the chat.

Questions are welcome

Especially on days that I have my mic on. :) But please check the chat in case I already answered your question.


No solicitations

Please don't advertise your channel, someone else's channel, or any products in the chat.

Stream tech corrections/suggestions are VERY APPRECIATED
I have no idea what I'm doing! If you're a veteran Twitch streamer and want to offer pointers PLEASE don't hesitate to speak up. :)

Any changes to this info will be announced on Twitter.

Sound good? Sweet. :D Back to Twitch!


More details?

• Twitch Chat Etiquette •
• MY TOOLS when working digitally •

  • Custom built PC (parts listed on Twitch profile)

  • LG widescreen monitor

  • Wacom Intuos 4 Tablet

  • Photoshop CC

• MATERIALS most likely being used working traditionally •

  • Logitech HD webcam

  • Smooth Windpower™ Bristol paper, Bristol Cold press Multimedia paper (Vellum) or toned recycled sketchbook paper

  • Mechanical pencil

  • Prismacolor pencils

  • Koi (Sakura brand) tube watercolors or Folkart acrylics



When I do a traditional media stream on the webcam I'll always have my mic on.

So if you have any questions about my materials at that time, please feel free to ask!

all images ©Tiina Purin

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